Fit To Be Tied

This may not be exactly what this article is poking at, but what came to my attention while reading this is how attention to detail can make or break a possible future business. Being in the military will force you to pay attention to detail. The military will always look sharp, takes care of their uniform, be clean shaven, have shined shoes, have a lined-up gig line, and all other things well maintained. This is a huge reason that the military has such a dominant presence. People respect the military for how well they keep themselves. It is the same in the business world. It is hard for anyone to get anywhere if they have gross facial hair, rugged clothing, etc… Appearance is everything when trying to make a positive impression. These people who pay attention to these little details will go farther whether they are more qualified than others or not. You may be an extremely intelligent person, but if you look sloppy, than someone who may not be as qualified as you but looks well-maintained will be promoted or acknowledged over you. In the military, if your uniform appears flawless, but the guy next to you has his shoes more shined than yours, he will get a better review because he spent the extra time to make his shoes look good. There are many ways to make yourself stand out beyond the social norm that you are competing against. Depending on the situation, put in the extra effort and good things will come.